AAP Fastest Growing as a Political opponent in Madhya Pradesh.


AAP Fastest Growing as a Political opponent in MadhyaPradesh.

It’s a fact that no regional or 3rd party ever growed in Madhya Pradesh. BJP and Congress are the only political front who has been rulling since long. Many other political fronts tried to showcase their ideology and fought elections but can’t succeed. No political party other than Congress, BJP achieved the expected results, their dreams are still dreams.

Madhya Pradesh is a very big state, almost 7.5 crore population. Madhya Pradesh has 230 assembly seats and 29 loksabha seats. There is huge variety of caste, creed, religion, language, food and culture.

Madhya Pradesh is rulling by Congress and BJP since long and no other political front had ever achieved success. People of Madhya Pradesh hardly trust on any other Political front. But from last 2 years there is an another scenario. Aam Aadmi Party leading by Alok Agarwal is getting good ground and even public getting confidence in AAP, yes it is also a fact that AAP is underdog in MP.

AAP raising people grieviances from last 2 years very keenly and tartly. Many a times Congress was unable to show unity and failed to address public grieviances but AAP never failed in last 2 years. Even AAP is acting as a main opponent of BJP. Vyapam, Hike in Electricity rate, Farmer’s issues, Corruption of BJP Govt all are addressed by AAP before than Congress. Congress raised it as a formality.

On 20 December 2016, AAP Madhya Pradesh organised a “Pariwartan Rally” and it was a huge success for a 4 year old Political front. A rally organised at Chola Dashahara Medam was full house almost 45000 peoples gathered at the rally venue.

Hike in electricity rates was also very sharply opposed by AAP. 5000 volunteers from all over the sate protested against the price hike in state capital Bhopal and 1500 volunteers were detained. According to political experts and senior journalists AAP is doing unexpected and unbelievable as a Political front and this is really very tenseful for BJP and Congress.


A senior Journalists said ” Congress is used too of AC and can’t protest now on ground, AAP is doing really hard and this may be a huge loss to BJP and Congress”.

A freelancer said “कांग्रेस सिर्फ और सिर्फ प्रेस कांफ्रेंस करती है, जमीन पर तेज धूप में कड़ी मेहनत करने से कतराती है, वही आलोक अग्रवाल के नेतृत्व में आम आदमी पार्टी बहोत पसीना बहा रही है और ऐसा ही रहा तो 2018 में भाजपा कांग्रेस को पसीने छुटा सकती है AAP”.

Congress never protests on the corruption of BJP and if they does they do it as a formality.

The main reason of such fast growth of AAP is efficient leading by Alok Agarwal and really very hard working selfless volunteers.

Currently AAP is busy in Kisan Bachao Yatra under the leadership of Alok Agarwal, Kisan Bachao Yatra is for addressing Farmers grieviances and it is touring to all 51 districts. 42 days long Kisan Bachao Yatra is getting huge support by farmer. According to Alok Agarwal “Farmers were betrayed by Shivraj, they were always used as a vote, MP govt did nothing for them but now AAP is going to fight for their rights and will fight untill they get justice”.

Alok Agarwal said – We will Kick off BJP and Congress from MP in 2018 and will fight on 230 assembly seats. We are here for Vyavastha Pariwartan and will succeed very soon only beacuase the hard work of our volunteers.

Still assembly elections are so far (2018) but as Political fronts doing, I am pretty sure AAP will perform unexpectedly and it will cost a huge for BJP and Congress to not take AAP seriously.


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