AAP’s Concern and Fight for the rights of Indian Farmers


Farmers are one of the most valuable assets of any country in world. They have one of the most important reasons for the development of the country, at least one development for the agriculture based nation.

They play an important role in economic development, but the bitter and harsh truth is that they can never attain the respect and the facilities they deserve and they must definitely get them. Even they do not even get the value of their hard work. Due to the suicides by farmers, most of the men had deep neck in debt and they were unable to repay. Unfortunately, many times it is seen that the amount of loan is 10000 ₹ or 20000 ₹. Therefore my big concern is that the farmers, which are ignoring the government, need to commit suicide for such a small amount but for the farmers The farmer model of the Delhi government should be appreciated, because he actually did a commendable job. He paid compensation of Rs.50,000 per hectare to farmers which was never done before in accordance with Indian history.

Voice of the farmers was the Delhi Government ….

This kind of concern can never be seen by any government for farmers, but the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made this possible and recently the “Land Pooling Policy” has been introduced by the Arvind Kejriwal Government, which is big by the farmers Get support on the scale. The farmers of Delhi are very happy and are doing everything possible by the state government, which can be done by them. But farmers of other states have a deep pain and the biggest reason and the bitter truth is that the state government is not supporting them.

Madhya Pradesh CM deceived farmers by calling them a peasant son ….

I am talking about Madhya Pradesh here. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh depicts himself as a “Kisan Son”, but in his miserable farmers, ₹ 3 checks, ₹ 12 checks were being compensated by. ₹ 3 to 12 compensation is a joke of farmers. A farmer named Balram, a farmer of Khandwa Madhya Pradesh, said that his relative (a farmer) suffered a loss of Rs 12,000 but the state government compensated him with a payment of Rs 12.72, which gave him deep despair and committed suicide. This is just one example that many times the farmer son Shivraj Singh Chouhan has deceived farmers with such a trick.

Everyday so many farmers are committing suicides …..

I will keep a true heartbreaking fact that on average, 5 farmers commit suicide each day in Madhya Pradesh, which is actually a curse for the whole of Madhya Pradesh. Those who eat us are in such a deep pain and our state government is not doing anything on this. It is also a fact that Madhya Pradesh has got the 5th time for the production of “Krishi Karaman Award” for the largest wheat, but the situation on the ground is exactly the opposite. Alok Agrawal, the convener of Madhya Pradesh, visits entire Madhya Pradesh, he has reached a journey called “Kisan Bachao Yatra“. Alok Agarwal told the farmers about their rights and what the Arvind Kejriwal government did for the farmers and fortunately farmers of Alok Agarwal believed in it. They are coming in a large number and join hands with Agarwal and say that there is a need to fight a major fight against the state government.

You are entitled for the support of farmers because they have done wonderful work for the farmers. Farmers in Katni, Jhabua, Sidhi and many other places said that “Arvind Kejriwal” is the real farmer son because he has compensated with 50000 per hectare which is historic. Farmers can easily understand from you, 45% in Jagaran village, addressing the grievances of farmers, struggling for the interests of farmers, hours are required and you have to do this.

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