Sikar panchayat member attacked during meeting


Delhi: Srichand Saini, is a member of the panchayat of Rupawas village of NeemKaThana tehsil in Sikar district is in SMS Medical College, Jaipur after being attacked by fellow villagers on Monday, during a meeting of the panchayat. On March 8, Saini had taken a complaint to police saying that he had been threatened over the phone by the nephew of the sarpanch of the village. At a meeting on Monday, Saini’s jaw and nose were fractured by attackers.

In his complaint to police, Saini said, he would be present at meetings of the panchayat, which are routinely held every 5th and 20th of the month. However, many other members would be absent. Sarpanch Sarita Devi’s husband, Bahadur Mal Saini, and her nephew, Rajesh, had taken the running of the panchayat into their own hands and would randomly forge signatures of members who were absent.

Since March 5 was a Sunday, the meeting this month was held on March 6. Saini told police that he objected to the random forgery and the haphazard manner in which the panchayat was functioning. He has also put in Right to Information applications that earned the ire of the family of the sarpanch. Asking Neema Ka Thana police to register an FIR, he said the nephew of the sarpanch had called him on his mobile phone and told him to back off if he held life dear.

On March 20, as the meeting progressed, about six men attacked Saini and left him bleeding. He was referred to SMS hospital for treatment.

Asked why action was not taken in time after the initial complaint was received by police, SP Sikar Akhilesh Kumar said, “I am not aware of the earlier complaint. A case has now been registered after the attack.”


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