Merit’s Topper welcomed the place of excellence in the honor of vidhi Sharma


Ringas : A great procession was carried out on May 29 (Monday) with the lead of the band play, on the May 29 (Monday), student of CCA School Ringas, Rajasthan, with a score of 95. 20% in the 12th Arts of the Rajasthan Secondary Education Board. CCA School administration organized a city tour by sitting on a mare for this great achievement of the student. Thousands of students, rurals and school staps were present in the procession.

Theprocess started by CCA School, after visiting the students of vidhi Sharma, passing through various routes of Reengus town, the residents and residents of the residents of the city of Ringas, Vishnu Gangawat, with the parents and relatives of the student, congratulated the student and blessed them.

On this occasion, student vidhi Sharma, a topper in the merit, expressed his desire to become an IAS in the future. Having received 95.20% marks in the arts faculty, even after the merit closure in Rajasthan was topper. This student won the hearts of everyone with this achievement. On boarding the mare, when Merit Topper student vidhi Sharma went for a procession with thousands of students along with the procession, people stood on the roofs of the houses and greeted the place by welcoming them. On this occasion CCA School Secretary Dr Ajay Saxena, Principal Kavita Saxena, staffing staff and other people joined the ceremony. Vidhi Sharma’s father father Devendra Sharma and teacher Mummy welcomed the visitors.

During the Merit procession in the town, people welcomed vidhi and distributed the sweet’s to the people who were happy during the merit process. Principal Kavita Saxena, the Vidyalaya of the school staff and the people of the city, came during the merit process.


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