Mining Mafia On High in BJP rulling States i.e Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


Illegal Mining Mafia is on the rise in BJP rulling States i.e Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Khanan Mafia is on high in BJP rulling state Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and this fact must be accepted by state govts as they have submitted this bitter truth to the Mining Ministry in Central Govt.
In 2015-16, more than 13541 case of illegal mining was in front of State Govt and case was also registered against 13420. State Govt is complete failure in curbing illegal mining.

Madhya Pradesh is on 2nd in the nation in Illegal Mining, BJP ruling Maharashtra is on top with 33621 cases registered against illegal mining.

This all illegal mining is growing when State Govt has formed a task force to curb illegal mining. But BJP rulling states Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are complete failure in curbing illegal mining even having unlimited powers granted by Central Govt, having a individual task force and rules against Illegal Mining.

The MP CM, Mr. Shivraj Singh wasted thousands of crores in Naramada Seva Yatra but the bitter truth is it was just a political programme and hard earnship of common man is wasted by Shivraj for his personal promotion.

Many Saints and political leaders including honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Honorable CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, Yog-guru Baba Ramdev and so many were invited to be a part of Naramada Seva Yatra in which thousands of crores were floated like water and achieved nothing.

The above facts were tabled by Mining Ministry on illegal mining.

Once again I am putting the facts.

Maharashtra – 33621 case registered Madhya Pradesh – 13420 case registered. Irony is Both are BJP rulling states.

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