Corruption Survey-India ranks lower than Pakistan in “Transparency International” report


India ranks lower than Pakistan in report –

The BJP led central government is again on the hit list of opposition after the new report of transparency International is out. As per the report Indians faces the pain of corruption most in 16 countries of the Asia Pacific region. India rank below in transparency index compared to the Nations like Pakistan, Australia, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

As per the survey out of 16 countries of Asia Pacific region Japan has least corruption .Only .2 percent of the people in Japan have told that they were forced to give bribe where as in India more than 40% told that they were made to pay bribe to get the work done .The report raises serious questions on Central government claims of reducing black money and corruption through demonetisation .

#PanamaPapers Do Modi government want to save the culprits?


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